What to Bring

In order to be interviewed, you MUST bring the following items:

  • Picture ID for the applicant.
  • Social Security documentation for all household members. The following is accepted: social security card, documentation from the Social Security Administration verifying the number, W2 from an employer or paystub with the full nine digit number, or W7 if applicable, your last tax return if completed by a tax professional, verification from another agency on a document with their letterhead
  • Proof of Address: recent utility bill, rental lease, or rent receipt.
  • Proof of all household income.
    • Bring the last two wage stubs or written wage verification from an employer for anyone in the home who is employed.   Clients who are self-employed are required to provide income verification.  If you have had a decrease in income, bring wage stubs to confirm the decrease.
    • Those receiving unemployment, SSA, SSI, Disability, VA Pension, or Child Support must make a statement of income, however verification of these may be required.
  • Expense receipts for the circumstance you identify as creating your crisis: car repair, home repair, etc.
  • Landlord’s name and phone number.
  • Utility Cut-off Notice if requesting utility assistance. The account must be in the name of someone residing in the home.
  • Late Rent Notice or Court Eviction Notice if requesting rent assistance. A form for a landlord to complete is available at the CAM office or for download here. (You may download the First Month’s/Move-in Rent Letter here.) CAM only pays rent to the actual property owner and this information is verified on the Gaston County GIS.