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Share a Meal

Share A Meal was started by high school students for high school students.   Our goal is to provide immediate food assistance, in a simple manner, for any high school student who is feeling food insecurity or facing food insecurity for any reason. These pantries are structured in a manner to show dignity and compassion.  The strength of this program is the peer to peer aspect. It is the desire of peers to make sure their fellow friends and students are not struggling for a basic need that might be taken for granted by others.

After seeing similar a similar program in a previous high school, FHS students saw the same need in Gaston County and knew that need could be met. They wanted to alleviate some of the stresses that come from food insecurity, if only in a small amount.  

This team tapped into their current relationship with Crisis Assistance Ministry in Gastonia to learn about food safety and storage as well as utilize physical space, excess canned food, and CAM’s infrastructure. As an initiative of CAM, Share A Meal was able to get off the ground faster and start distributing food within 4 months of formation.