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CAM accepts applications begining Monday at 9:00am until Thursday at 2:oo pm. If the application is not available during these hours, we have reached our maximum number of applicants, so please check back at a later time. please call our office with any questions.    



If you need assistance and live in the greater Gastonia area, please fill out our client intake form. This is the quickest and easiest way to be considered for assistance.

If you don’t have access to a computer or anyone that can help you fill out the form, please call our office at 704-867-8901

Once your form and supporting documentation is complete, someone from CAM will be calling.  

CAM cannot be a source of ongoing assistance. 

Areas where we can help:

Utility Assistance – We can help with electric, water or natural gas bills that are past due. Utility deposits are also considered in some situations.

Rent/Mortgage Assistance– Payments must be past due with a written late notice from the landlord, however, court eviction is not required. First month’s rent assistance is available; CAM does not pay rent deposits.

Food Assistance – This can be received from our on-site food pantry. The frequency ranges from once per 30-90 days depending on the client situation and our current food supply. 


Assistance Requirements

Assistance requests are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and the number of people interviewed varies daily. 

A household is defined as EVERYONE residing in the home, regardless of the relationship. 


  • Picture ID for the applicant
  • Social Security  numbers  for EVERYONE living in the home, even if CAM has assisted you in the past. 
  • Proof of Address. Acceptable documents are a current rent receipt or new rental lease or a utility bill, dated within the last 30 days.
  • Utility Disconnect Notice if requesting utility assistance. Utility bills must be in the name of someone living in the household.
  • Late Rent or First Month’s Rent Notice if requesting rent assistance.
  • Income Verification for everyone and an accounting of all household expenses.
  • Expense Receipts if an unexpected bill is the reason for requesting assistance

Other Criteria:

  • Must show there has been a crisis: job loss, pay reduction, unexpected bill (example:car repair)
  • Show work effort by all able-bodied adults in the home. A work search may be required.

CAM doesn’t pay motel rent, telephone bills, cable/internet bills, car repairs, funeral expenses, medical bills or any type of insurance. We do not provide clothing, furniture or household items.